Web Design & Development

Web development is said to be the greater aspect that gains prominence in the present competitive environment. Websites are becoming the real weapon of targeting the marketing processes, in fact if the quality of the website is much better than any others, so the sale of the product is also seem to be in a great hike. If you are in search for an excellent web development company, you came to the right place. TechWare House offers you a great boom in the field of website designing, presentation, execution of works and the things needed to make great hike in your marketing strategy.

Business Websites

Websites are becoming the new face of marketing strategies now days. With the increase in the amount of internet users, the count of business websites are also raised to a far amount. The main competition regarding the business websites is to remain in the top pages of the search engines. An experienced and talented hand is necessary to fulfill the requirements, and TechWare House will help you in offering groovy help.

We provide you one of the following categories website.
  • One page site
  • Personal website
  • Website for artist / writer / singer / any professional
  • Blog
  • Music store, audio / video site
  • Organization site
  • Dating site
  • Conversion of PSD to bootstrap

E-Commerce Websites

The functioning of an E commerce website is far different from that of normal website. It differs in functioning from a regular website offering many informative articles and also news write ups for the public viewing. TechWare House will help you in molding such a unique e commerce website that will be high lighted from other normal web sites. Our E commerce website can easily transfer your traditional store in to a web store and also make more and more consumers simply by a mouse click.

We offer you one of the following e-commerce solution
  • Business site
  • E-commerce website
  • Online store

Web Based Applications (CRM/CMS)

In order to attain new customers and also the marketing trends of this modern world, updating is one of the important keyword used. Updating a website in accordance with the modern marketing trends will improve the business and higher level of sale is thereby achieved. But in order to upgrading modern web based applications are essential, and we TechWare house are very happy to provide such services to you.
You can easily manage all of your website's pages from a simple but powerful Admin Panel. we guaranteed you a 100% secure web application that can be easily update-able / editable.

We Design your Future

We use latest technologies to serve our clients. All websites are according to W3c validation rules and 100% secure against hacking attacks.

  • %100 Responsive Layout

    With the growth in mobile Internet usage comes the question of how to build websites suitable for all users. the answer is 100% responsive website

  • HTML5 / CSS3 / JS

    We always use HTML5, CSS3 and JS according to W3 standards, so that your site can boost on all search engines including google web analytics.

  • Customer Support

    We are active on Skype and Email, Call us and we will assist you and give you proper solution according to your needs.

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